What do you think the fencing in the picture below is made out of?

What do you think the fencing in the picture below is made out of?

While wood is beautiful, and we can't say enough for the majesty that a beautiful wood fence brings to a home's aesthetic appeal, it's also prone to advanced aging. While indoor aging of wood doesn't take away from its appeal, the aging that happens outdoor to a wood fence can leave you wondering if you made the right choice in just a few years. Might we suggest PVC? 

PVC offers the same look of wood but without the splinter and will not rot. This is good because rot can take a beautiful fence and turn it into an eyesore. PVC is a solid material and isn't affected by water or sunlight in the same way wood is, so it is often used in outside applications like windows, columns and gates.

So now we have looked at the upsides of PVC, let's take a quick look at two drawbacks. 

  1. Price. It is more expensive than wood, however it also lasts longer typically so this could be seen as an investment rather than a drawback
  2. It isn't wood. They may sound weird, but let's be frank, the reason people pick wood is because of the ability to cut, stain and work with the grain of the wood, which PVC doesn't have.

So if you are wanting a beautiful new fence without all of the hazards of wood, then PVC might be a good pick. If you are concerned about price, then PVC might not be for you unless you can see long term the benefit of the investment.