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DEWALT - Guaranteed Tough since 1924

Spirit, grit and determination made us who we are. It inspired Raymond DeWalt 90 years ago and it’s what drives us today.

Good to be Green: Georgia-Pacific's DryPly® Plywood

Green, or sustainable, building can provide economic and environmental benefits by being energy efficient and durable, which saves costs, and resource efficient, which encourages conservation. Georgia-Pacific's DryPly® plywood helps reduce construction waste and cost.

Weyerhaeuser Introduces Down Pore Drainage Grooves

With the new Down Pore drainage groove, once Edge Gold flooring is installed, if the site sees a hard rain, water is channeled through the panel and off the joists beneath. No more sweeping off the water, no more drilling holes in the floor to let it through, and no more waiting an extra week (or more) for flooring to dry before installing finish material. 

Fine Fissured Acoustic Ceiling Panels: Cuts Clean

Hear industry veterans explaining how cutting CertainTeed Sereno™ Fine Fissured High NRC/CAC results in a smoother, cleaner finish with minimal dust. 

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